16th Annual Survival Training Seminar

Registration for the 16th Annual Survival Training Seminar is now open! The main event of our 2022 Martial Arts Spectacular will be held Saturday, March 12, 2022 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM right at Martial Arts World, 16709 Torrence Ave, Lansing, IL 60438! This year’s theme is “Train Hard, Fight Easy” and will be hosted by none other than Shihan Lemuel Muhammad, with special guest, the grandmaster of VSK Jiujitsu, Grandmaster Abdul-Azziz Muhammad! Also featured will be renowned Kuk Sool master and practitioner, Kwahn Jang Nym Michael Hill! Topics to be covered in this training workshop include: Asiatic, Japanese, Korean and Brazilian fighting concepts and methods! Attendees will have the option to train with us live in person or accessing the training online via live webcast (online attendees will receive further instruction upon registration)!

Register for the 16th Annual Survival Training Seminar here!

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