3 Days for $24 Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between Martial Arts World, Inc. herein also referred to as MAWI and the Buyer whose name appears hereon and is herein referred to as” primary member”.

PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT: Martial Arts World, Inc. (MAWI) agrees to provide classes to participant member(s) only during scheduled class times. Primary member agrees that it is the sole responsibility of participant member(s) to attend the scheduled classes. Primary member understands that the $24 payment is a promotional rate. The regular rates are as follows: $120, $150 and $190 per month for participant members ages: 4 to 5, 6 to 16, and 17 years and older respectively. Primary member agrees to make (12) consecutive monthly payments at the regular rate(s) unless this agreement is cancelled on or before the expiration date. To cancel, primary member must send a “notice of cancellation” via email to: mawandfc@gmail.com no later than 6:00P.M. on the contract expiration date. If primary member does not cancel within the aforementioned term, MAWI will initiate the first regular monthly payment at 12:01A.M.Eastern Standard Time the following day. All subsequent regular rmonthly payments will be charged on the same date each month for twelve consecutive months. Primary member agrees auto-payment of monthly tuition.

HEALTH/MEDIC AL/EMERGENCY: Member certifies that he, she or they are in good health. I understand that it is up to me to consult physicians and other professionals to make sure that I and or those participating with me on this agreement can safely participate in activities and events at MAWI. By signing this enrollment agreement, member will abide by the terms of this agreement at all times during the period of membership and will comply with all rules and regulations posted or otherwise communicated to member; (2) in case of illness or injury to member, MAWI is authorized to call emergency services for medical treatment at the member’s expense.

DDITIONAL COSTS: Safety equipment, seminars, additional uniforms, patches, other insignia patches, tournaments, trips, competitions, belt rank tests, promotional and MAWI branded materials such as but not limited to: instructional books, instructional DVD’s, online training, belts and etc., are separate and additional costs not included in the monthly tuition rate(s)

LIABILITY WAIVER: I understand that use of the facilities and equipment at MAWI may involve risk of bodily injury or property damage in the course of instruction, learning, training, practice and/or demonstration and I assume any such risks. Furthermore, I authorize MAWI to use my and or my child(ren) image(s) who are participating members in whole or in part for marketing, advertising or merchandising for perpetuity throughout the universe. MAWI, its agents and employees shall not be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen articles, inside or outside the Dojo. Martial Arts World, Inc will be closed for (18 – 21) days annually for services, repairs, holidays and or other reasons and these closures are pre-calculated and included in your monthly tuition, please refer to your digital membership kit for specific dates. I also understand and agree that by signing this agreement, I am giving up my (or the minor for whom I sign) right(s) to make or bring any claim against MAWI (Martial Arts World, Inc.), its owners, its successors, its assigns, its assistants, its agents, its employees, its instructors and its volunteers, including the right to sue them, for bodily injury or property damage or any other loss that I/we might suffer while using MAWI facilities and services, except as limited by law.