Martial Arts World Membership Terms and Conditions

EARLY TERMINATION: Primary Member is required to pay $300.00 or 10% of the remaining balance of the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE whichever is greater. Early termination fee must be PAID-IN-FULL before withdrawal. Outstanding debts, fees or payments to Martial Arts World, Inc (MAWI) must be paid prior to early termination of this agreement. Primary Member is required to provide MAWI 15 days advance notice of early termination. Any tuition payment due within the 15 day notice period must be paid.

MONTHLY PAYMENT METHOD(S): I authorize Martial Arts World, Inc. and or those acting on its behalf, to charge my credit card and or debit my checking/savings account for the monthly or bi-weekly payment amount on the due date(s) stated hereon. This authority remains in effect until expiration date and or term of this agreement.

LATE PAYMENTS: Tuition payment(s) received after the due date, will be assessed a late fee of $20. Late fees may be automatically withdrawn from the payment methods provided. MAWI at its discretion may provide any outstanding debt(s) for fee(s) for non-payment(s) to a consumer debt collection agency. Primary Member shall be responsible for any and all costs associated with the collection of any debt to Martial Arts World Inc.

ANNUAL and ADVANCE PAYMENTS: Advance payments are deducted from the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE. Should member choose to pay more than the monthly tuition amount, member understands the payment(s) is for future services. Unless an advance payment(s) satisfies the total amount due or balance on this agreement, the monthly tuition payment(s) are DUE on the DATE stated hereon. Advance payments are non-refundable.

PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT: Martial Arts World, Inc. (MAWI) agrees to provide instruction(s) to member(s) during scheduled instruction hours only. Member(s) understand that it is their sole responsibility to attend scheduled classes. Member agrees to abide by all the school rules, regulations and instructions governing the conduct and operation of classes, students and observers in order to promote efficiency and safety. Member acknowledges that rules, regulations and instructions governing MAWI may be changed from time to time by MAWI with or without prior notice. Member agrees to abide by all such rules, regulations and instructions as provided, adopted or hereafter amended. Member may take promotion or belt test(s) upon recommendation of the instructor(s) only. Member acknowledges that MAWI reserves the right to refuse lessons or classes to any member who violates the rules of MAWI. MAWI reserves the right to cancel this agreement at its discretion without a refund.

SECURITY AND SAFETY: In order to promote a safe and secure environment, MAWI has or will place video cameras in various locations. As part of our commitment to the safety of children and all vulnerable persons, MAWI reserves the right to consult public sources to determine whether any member or guest of any member poses an unreasonable risk of harm to its patrons, staff or visitors. “If Martial Arts World, Inc. has factual knowledge that an individual is a registered sex offender, such individual shall be denied access to Martial Arts World, Inc. By signature on this document, I represent to MAWI, that neither I, nor any of my guests, which may from time to time attend MAWI are to my knowledge registered sex offenders in any legal jurisdiction and that furthermore, I have an affirmative duty to MAWI to immediately disclose to
Martial Arts World, Inc any change in my knowledge of the registered sex offender status for myself or any of my guests who may from time to time seek admittance at the MAWI pursuant to this agreement.” The company and or person(s) owning the Dojo and the agents and employees shall not be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen articles, inside or outside the Dojo. Martial Arts World, Inc will be closed for (2 – 3) weeks annually for services, repairs, and or other administrative reasons please refer to your membership kit for specific dates.

HEALTH/MEDICAL/EMERGENCY:Member certifies that he, she or they are in good health. I understand that it is up to me to consult physicians and other professionals to make sure that I or those participating with me on this agreement can safely participate in activities and events at MAWI. I agree to make all monthly installment payments due on this agreement on or by the due date(s). By signing this enrollment agreement, I (we) agree to the following: (1) member and any guests in his her/party will abide by the terms of this agreement at all times during the period of membership and will comply with all rules and regulations posted or otherwise communicated to member; (2) in case of illness or injury, Martial Arts World, Inc is authorized to secure emergency medical treatment at the member’s expense: (3) Martial Arts World, Inc reserves the right
to remove from the facility or terminate the membership of any member who fails to comply with any posted rules and regulations or otherwise breaches the terms of this agreement, in which case member will not be entitled to a refund of any kind; and (4) grant permission for Martial Arts World, Inc to make visual recordings of all individuals listed on this form for its responsible use; (5) attendance alone will not insure that I/We will advance or be promoted in the martial arts program.

LIABILITY WAIVER: I understand that use of the facilities and equipment at Martial Arts World, Inc (“MAWI”) may involve risk of bodily injury or property damage in the course of instruction, learning, training, practice and/or demonstration and I agree to assume any such risks. I also understand and agree that by signing this agreement, I am giving
up my (or the minor for whom I sign) right to make any claim against Martial Arts World, Inc., its owners, its successors, its assigns, its assistants, its agents, its employees, its instructors and its volunteers, including the right to sue them, for bodily injury or property damage or any other loss that I might suffer while using Martial Arts World, Inc
facilities and services, except as limited by law.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Safety equipment, seminars, additional uniforms, patches, other insignia patches, tournaments, trips, competitions, belt rank tests, promotional and brand materials such as but not limited to: instructional books, instructional DVD’s, belts and etc., are separate and additional costs not included in the monthly or annual tuition payment(s).

SUBSTITUTIONS AND CANCELLATIONS: Martial Arts World, Inc., reserves the right to substitute items of equal value to fulfill orders. Martial Arts World, Inc., reserves the right to cancel services that are operating inefficiently. Martial Arts World, Inc., reserves the right to substitute instructors at anytime to fulfill scheduled classes. Martial Arts World, Inc., reserves the right to cancel classes that are under-attended.

TRANSFER OF AGREEMENT: Primary Member may transfer this membership agreement to another person with payment of the $150.00 Transfer fee. Memberships which have been administratively terminated or canceled are not transferable. It is the policy of MAWI, that tuition payments and membership agreements cannot be frozen or suspended. The new primary member must provide an active credit card and or checking/savings account payment method that will be charged in advance for the upcoming monthly payment(s).

IMAGE USE RELEASE: I, Primary Member, irrevocably authorize MAWI, its successors and assigns and those acting under its authority, to photograph, video record, copy, use, publish, advertise, merchandise, trade for art or any lawful purpose any and all photographic images, pictures or video recording captured of me, my spouse, my family and/or my child(ren) whose name appears hereon during events such as but not limited to: classes, demonstrations, tournaments, seminars, tests, parties, parades and meetings in which I or he/she/they may be included in whole or in part.

AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: This agreement will automatically renew the day after expiration at the current monthly tuition rate unless canceled in writing by Primary member.

ATTENDANCE. The provisions of this Contract/Agreement are severable and if any provision is determined to be illegal or unenforceable the remaining provisions and any partially enforceable provision shall nevertheless be enforceable unless otherwise prohibited by state law. Our Failure to enforce any remedy or provision shall nevertheless be enforceable unless otherwise prohibited by state law and shall not be construed as a waiver of such remedy or provision. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the state in which it is signed and, to the extent preempted by federal law.