Transforming Human Potential Through Martial Arts Training and Study

We Teach So Much More than Kicking and Punching!

  • Character Development
    This is a ministry of martial arts with the goal of producing strong, confident and effective men and women who will positively impact the lives of their families, friends and community.
  • How to be A Champion in Life
    There is more to being a champion than your accomplishments in the ring. This path is long and filled with challenges, however if you are patient and steadfast, you will attain the goal and be transformed.
  • The Science of War
    The first law of nature is self preservation for survival. When it comes to facing an assault from a skilled and determined adversary, the knowledge and development of the skill of self-defense is as essential as math, reading or even eating.
  • Honesty & Integrity
    We strive to make our word our bond as we teach our children the value of keeping their word. This will aid in developing good character and integrity as our word is our bond and bond is life.

Explore Our Programs…

Train Online

Have you always wanted to learn VSK Jiujitsu but have either had trouble finding a school near you or can’t work in-person training around your schedule? With the availability of online training, not only do you have VSK at the click of a button, but you have the freedom to learn on your own time at your own pace!

Train In Person

Still desire a hands-on, in-the-flesh experience when it comes to your martial arts training? It just got a whole lot easier! With our new online registration portal, you can sign up for classes at our flagship school in Lansing, IL location and expedite the process considerably!

Try Before You Buy!

We believe in our program so much that we are confident that after trying it out, you’ll definitely want to become a full member! When you purchase our trial pass, you’ll get 3 classes for just $24.95 and enjoy a cool incentive for doing so!* Offer valid for our Lansing, IL location only.

VSK Jiujitsu Green Belt Program

Did you know the average time frame to achieving a black belt in VSK Jiujitsu is approximately 4-5 years? One of the critical marks along that journey is the attaining of a green belt. Not only does it place you halfway on your journey to a black belt in VSK Jiujitsu, it is actually the point where a trainee can officially consider themselves a student! Normally achieved roughly 2 years into regular training, you will now be ready to test and earn your green belt in just a matter of months by accessing the complete training online via our new interactive Martial Arts World Online training platform! Just download one time and learn at your own pace!

Latest News

Register for the 2024 Annual Awards Gala!

From the website of the event host, “KATA continues its partnership with Martial Arts World with the 17th Annual Awards Gala! This event, a special evening where Martial Arts World acknowledges the achievements of its members throughout the year and the contributions of members of the community, will have 100% of its proceeds be…

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NOW OPEN: Register for the 18th Annual Survival Training Seminar!

Registration is now open for the 18th Annual Survival Training Seminar! Our annual event, hosted by Shihan Lemuel Muhammad features martial artists from various disciplines and even topics centering around health and wellness. This event is open to people of all ages and skill levels! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We are running an early bird special for…

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Hear From Our Clients

“…I’m becoming a lot better at self-defense. The teachers here are outstanding, and they make sure that you’re on top of your techniques, and even help you out after class if you ask them! There are no problems with any of the students or teachers, making the environment here absolutely wonderful.”

Malik S.

“I finally found a place I can call home. Martial Arts World is an excellent place for a dojo; it’s clean, organized, and the staff is professional. Shihan is one of the best teacher I have study under since I have been in martial arts! All of his Sensei’s under him are great instructors. His whole staff is hands on. It’s very few dojos that have a system or systems in place. This place has the systems and staff to accomplish whatever goals you want in martial arts.”

Chris B.

“I have learned so much in the time that I have been here. The instructors are the best! They are very patient with the students and very knowledgeable of their craft. I would encourage families looking for an excellent martial arts school to enroll their children here you will not be disappointed.”

Keesha J.